An open letter to Chris Jones and Microsoft

Did you find this looking for the unlimited storage that was promised when subscribing to Office 365? Look no further. Seriously, because like unicorns, god, the tooth fairy, santa claus, and a peaceful and religiously diverse middle eastern democracy it just doesn’t exist. You can stop trying.

Screenshot (36) your OneDrive is full email

Your OneDrive is full. (But it’s unlimited!)

(An open letter to Chris Jones and Microsoft)

I’m writing this not in Word but in Google Docs. Day before yesterday I would have been using Microsoft Word. The product I paid for primarily to take advantage of the offer posted on One Drive’s official blog by Chris Jones (here). I’d had my share of problems with OneDrive, but in addition to the promised unlimited cloud storage I did enjoy some of its features as well.

Yesterday morning I got a new error from OneDrive. I already had almost 200,000 errors about files that already existed on OneDrive. But this time there was a new error. I ran out of storage on OneDrive. But when I signed up I read OneDrive was rolling out “unlimited storage”?! In fact that promise is still up in black and white on the official blog. There’s no retraction from Chris Jones or anybody else at MS. There are lots of promising comments beneath the post, at least in the beginning. Many later posts ask the same questions I have… what happened to my storage?!

So I went to Microsoft’s tech support to ask the obvious question: where’s my promised unlimited storage? The answer, there is no unlimited storage. They will only tell you that in private however. To hear the bad news I had to wait for an hour to chat with tech support and again the next day with accounts and billing. There are no retractions or addendums or even updates mentioning subscribers never got and will never get their promised unlimited storage.

At this time I find myself in an awkward position. Not only have I switched over to a number of Microsoft products I’ve endorsed a few. I’ve bought hardware based on my decision to use OneDrive. I’ve even talked others into using the service. And of course I’ve spent gobs of time and bandwidth uploading and organizing to OneDrive.

Oh well! I’m not sure what to do. I’ve spent a few hours trying to make sure others don’t keep thinking that if they keep waiting they will ultimately get the illusive unlimited storage. I’ve immediately switched my workflow to using only Google Docs again. I removed most of my Microsoft software that I don’t need. And I plan to divest myself of all the Microsoft hardware and software I can in the near future. I’ll switch back to Android for phone and tablet.

I’m pissed off!

Screenshot OneDrive 1tb limit tech support (from Surface RT)

Microsoft Answer Tech Joseph N: There have been changes to the OneDrive storage and the OneDrive team has set a 1tb limit

Screenshot (36) your OneDrive is full email

Screenshot (36) your OneDrive is full email

Screenshot OneDrive 1tb limit accounts and billing (from Surface RT)

Microsoft Answer Tech Mimi M: we no longer offer unlimited storage. What we have is 1tb.

Screenshot (37) buy more onedrive storage

But you can buy extra storage of course


The OneDrive Blog one year ago: All office 365 subscribers will receive unlimited OneDrive Storage

Screenshot (42)

The Official OneDrive Twitter announcement: Unlimited storage is coming to all (one year old)

Capture 10tb kicks in

Microsoft Forum Moderator Engineer Karthik Vengaloor: once your limit reaches to 1tb only then will exceed the OneDrive storage limit to 10tb

Arvind Ram says no more unlimited

Microsoft Forum Moderator, Support Engineer Arvind Ram: Unfortunately we don’t have “Unlimited Storage” offer for OneDrive. We appologize for the incorrect information provided.

Capture 10tb kicks in x2

Microsoft Forum Moderator Support Engineer Karthik Vengaloor: you will get the 10 TB storage once you reach the 1tb limit.

Bennet Martin unlimited

Microsoft Forum Moderator Bennet Martin: All Office 365 customers will get unlimited storage

Screenshot (60) the limits of unlimited

The “limits of unlimited”

  • #VuppeForPresident

    I was told (today) unlimited storage is still coming, but there is no timeline for deployment. Some users were offered 10TB increments, but that was rescinded and if you didn’t claim it during the brief time it was available, you are out of luck.

    In conflict with that, in the same support session, I was also told the unlimited plan is only available to those who claimed it in that brief window. I was approved and maintained an active subscription, but contrary to what this help desk person said, it seems I was kicked out of the preview.

    • Michael Halberstadt

      (oops, I replied to my own post instead of you, see above)

  • Michael Halberstadt

    I check in semi regularly…just for fun now… I’ve got all sorts of conflicting answers. I’ve posted a few here, but got a couple great screen grabs of chats last night:

    • #VuppeForPresident

      It sounds like there’s an enormous amount of misinformation about this even inside of Microsoft. For one, it’s not slated as a promotion in the introductory blog post. It’s stated as a fact of life. That it is and will be.

      However all of Support seems to think it was a limited-time offer. There are no terms and conditions stated in the blog, so it’s not a limited time promotion. It’s a promise from Microsoft to provide all Office 365 subscribers with unlimited OneDrive storage.

      I keep asking support techs to send me to a support tech who knows about this program, but they refuse to admit anyone knows anything more than is states in the blog.

      Really a maddening exercise. What angers me further is I was naive enough to take Microsoft at their word. When they offered me a temporary measure of 10TB, I didn’t take it because my unlimited was on the way. Now they won’t even give me that 10TB.

      Make sure you sign up on, just in case.

      • Michael Halberstadt

        (One) of the funny thing(s) is that the blog is so definitive that EVERYBODY will get unlimited: “Moving forward, all Office 365 customers will get unlimited OneDrive storage at no additional cost.”
        I did sign into the preview a couple times soon after I signed up in April.

        • #VuppeForPresident

          Yeah. I’m trying to figure out next steps, I mean, who else can we contact if not the Answer Techs?

          • Michael Halberstadt

            I’ve lodged complaints with the FTC ( and my state consumer organization. Don’t know where you reside. Gunzta who actually got 10tb is in the UK which has better consumer safeguards, perhaps that’s whey he got what he paid for.

          • #VuppeForPresident

            10TB is still not unlimited. I’ll have to file a complaint, too. The last I heard from a MS official they just straight up told me it wasn’t a thing (and they now refuse to respond).

      • Michael Halberstadt

        I also ask the “Microsoft answer techs” to read the blog posting. Typically they say they can’t. I kind of imagine some poor woman shackled in a basement in the Phillipines answering my questions…like you work for Microsoft answering questions about OneDrive and you can’t read your own official blog?!!!

        • #VuppeForPresident

          Typically India or Bangladesh. My tech actually thanked me for the link and confirmed she had no information to provide beyond that the blog said, then proceeded to link me back to the blog later in the chat…

          • Michael Halberstadt

            They are polite enough. And their English has been ok. But it’s hard to tell if it’s a language problem when they try explaining how you have *unlimited* storage but have to pay for more. Do they understand? Reminds me of the Seinfeld car rental exchange:

          • #VuppeForPresident

            Haha, I just saw where you posted that on the Microsoft Community. I had a hard time understanding my first tech today, but they just sent me to another department anyway.

            The official word: It’s coming. Sign up on to get a temporary 10TB boost. It takes up to 48 hours. If that doesn’t work “let us know.”

            Whatever that means. I registered a year ago and it doesn’t work.

          • Michael Halberstadt

            Thanks, I got that from a tech today. I clicked on it again just for fun. One other thing I now worry about, what if we get unlimited service. A lot of this is based on trust. I’ll keep OneDrive for a while if ulimited comes, but for safety sake will even likely end up moving my data elsewhere. I lost trust in Microsoft. They lied on something really big – and my data is very important to me.

          • #VuppeForPresident

            I’m certainly not going to use OneDrive as my only source of storage. Not after this.
            Since I have no idea how to “let them know” I posted my own question in the Community. Maybe they’ll sort it out. Maybe that class action lawsuit is needed someone posted about.

  • Gunzta

    I signed up not long after the offer was launched, I received my initial 10TB of space about 9 months ago. Took about 3 months to be applied to my account.

    • Michael Halberstadt

      Thanks Gunzta. It’s good to know you got it, but I’d be worried that you can even keep the extra storage over the long term. I have been corresponding with accounts and billing and tech support and they tell me very different things. Once when I asked about getting extra space without yet telling them that I already reached the limit and I was told that it would kick in when I hit 1tb. Then I told her I hit 1tb a few days ago and I can’t sync and she said, oh actually now I see unlimited OneDrive has been discontinued. I’ve only seen Microsoft representatives saying there is no unlimited OneDrive in private, with one recent exception (see new screen capture above).

      A couple of times I’ve been told that there is unlimited storage but I’d have to pay for extra ?!!!!

      I have screen grabs of much of the relevant parts of these exchanges here. Also, I don’t wish to alarm you, but if you check out some of the screen grabs, there are people who had their storage above 1tb disappear (see capture of response by Arvind Ram.)

      • Gunzta

        Michael, I went back and searched my email for the actual email from MS notifying me of my upgrade just in case this was useful to you.

        Email dated 09/03/15 (UK format)

        Ask and you shall receive! We have taken you off the waiting list and your Office 365 account now has access to unlimited OneDrive storage.

        We added 10 TB of OneDrive storage to your account to get you
        started during this initial rollout. If you reach your capacity and need
        additional storage, or have OneDrive questions, just email us here.

        Also if I view the add additional storage page, my 10TB is listed as:
        Office 365 subscription 10,240 GB

        Hope some of that is helpful to you.

        • Michael Halberstadt

          Thanks Gunzta! The email mentions replying by email, could you give me the reply to address if you don’t mind? Cheers, -m

          • #VuppeForPresident