It's in the mail

Amazon Prime and UPS – A Match Made in Hell

It's in the mail

Should have been delivered already- but we won’t acknowledge you package IS LATE!

A while back I ordered a camera and lens combo from Amazon. I paid the extra money for next day delivery. My wife needed part of that order for her trip to New York, she had a camera but needed the lens. Despite the fact that the shipment should have arrived three days early- well you can guess the rest.


Our shipment didn’t arrive until the day (and hours after) my wife’s plane departed.


What got me then, and has me still irritated now is how UPS handled this. When checking the status, they claim the package is actually going to arrive as stated. There’s no indication that there’s any problem. And the delivery window is until 8pm, so you don’t know they really aren’t going to show up until it’s approaching bedtime and you’ve wasted your whole day at home waiting for a truck with your stuff.


Worse yet, the package was on a truck and within easy access of us, sitting [late] on a truck over the weekend. A call to UPS customer service said- sorry no we can’t let you pick your [late] package up that we f*cked up delivery on. Amazon customer service was very nice and polite- they called UPS and basically told us there was nothing to do about it.


The part with Amazon that bugs me is that they keep shipping stuff to us via UPS. I have no choice, but the most common method of delivery via Prime seems to remain UPS. They must know that UPS is constantly late in my neighborhood. I can check the delivery status in Amazon and they don’t even acknowledge that my order is late. Though they know the item hasn’t been delivered, they still show the bar that it’s to be delivered [yesterday] and will be [would have been] delivered by 8pm. The delivery progress bar should change from green to yellow and have a sorry [insert explanation] your package will [really] be delivered on this more realistic date.


The other part that bugs me with Amazon is why they keep using UPS. At least in my neighborhood they are constantly late. Everybody hates the government run USPS, but at least in my neighborhood, they are always early or on-time with tracked packages. I have no idea what corporate behemoths like Amazon pay for delivery, but for real people USPS is also cheaper.


In this case, it’s much less critical. But I’m reminded of a couple of really late deliveries while I’m waiting for a little tablet cover. For this I can wait, but why can’t they just get this right?