OneDrive Privacy Issues

I’ve been trying to find a way to store, display and share large files I create stitching dozens of images together to make enormous panoramas. Onedrive has been pretty good for the storage aspect, and I was trying to share the images on one of my blogs. I have a few concerns minor and major that come up.

Displaying large files in my web browsers results in inaccurate results. As an example, the file here’s pixel dimensions are 27,153 x 9884. When viewed on Onedrive online it shows as 2560 x 932.

So there’s that creates a code where I can embed my photo on my blog.

This works, but would be really nice if we had some choices about display size, caption etc. I don’t understand why, but one of the files displays the photo only on my blog, another shows a truncated small image and the filename. That last part may be me futzing with something, not sure if I can blame Onedrive.

Here’s the scary part: my shared link shows “Link used to embed content – can view only” see above. But when opened the link in private browser mode – I was offered to download the full sized original file (uncompressed it’s almost a gigabyte.) And that link worked! Anybody anywhere could download my original huge image that is marked as “view only” on Onedrive!

It also appears they could send my photo to Walgreens to be printed! I didn’t follow up all the way with this and have the prints made, but it looked like it would work.


<rant> If I mark my image to share as “view only” I don’t expect the whole world to be able to download the original nor send to print at Walgreens. At least non-hackers or people trying hard to steal my stuff, don’t just hand them a link!</end rant>